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Jordan-Brand-Logo-1Michael Jordan and his Jordan Brand on Friday pledged $100 million to the effort to redress racial injustice, the retired NBA great’s manager announced.

Estee Portnoy posted a statement on Twitter: “Today, we are announcing Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand will be donating $100 million over the next 10 years to organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice, and greater access to education.”

“The Jordan Brand is us, the Black Community,” the statement reads. “Black Lives Matter. This isn’t a controversial statement.”

The pledge comes in the wake of more than a week’s protests from coast-to-coast after the May 25 in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. On May 31, Jordan said on Twitter, “We have had enough.”


Why Are Major Black Music Divisions Run By Non-Blacks?

I have worked in the Music Industry for over 40 years and I have worked with every major record label in the industry at the highest levels. I can truly say that this music industry is worse than any type of street activities you can imagine. Liars and snake-oil sales people are everywhere and they
are extremely good at their craft.

Don’t believe the words that I have written here? Well then, check with the numerous successful Rap artists that have exited the major labels hallways screaming at the top of their lungs about their mistreatment. It’s not just me talking about this issue. Believe that.

I ask you young successful Rap artists and label owners one question? “How were you as a collective unit unable to come together to amass more power for Black people in the music industry when you have Billions of dollars at your disposal and Black music is the cash cow for the majors?” Why haven’t the power players such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Puffy, Rick Ross, Drake, and all the other Rap power brokers sat down at a table and pooled their financial resources to better the situation for Black folks nationwide? In my opinion… ”No Black Unity”.

In closing, the message I wanted to convey via this article is the fact that Black people in the United States have so much to offer to society in many ways, but in business circles that power seems to be diluted for many reasons. Real power is rooted in mass numbers and cash movements.

In my opinion there should not be a Black music dominated radio station that is programmed by non-Blacks. You mean to tell me that the ONLY qualified candidates to decide what Black listeners listen to at Black dominated stations are non-Black people? You mean to tell me that only non-Black people at major labels control the real purse strings for signing Black Music artists? What a travesty… but what a reality. Shame on you.

Why Are Major Black Music Divisions Run By Non-Blacks? A question by Stan Sheppard


Radio OneRadio One announced the launch of its We Are One: Feeding the Community Campaign.  It is partnering with the music community to feed hundreds of families as many are feeling the significant financial strain as a result of these tough economic times. Radio One’s 53 stations will come together across its 15 markets to feed families in their localities by giving away meals provided by local minority-owned restaurants.

“We are eager to help local businesses and listeners during these unprecedented circumstances,” said David Kantor, CEO of Radio Division and Reach Media.

 “Right now, we’re all living in an unfamiliar time, forced to deviate from our daily routines. Although COVID-19 has changed everything about the way we operate, it hasn’t changed our ability to serve our community,” said Kashon Powell, Vice President of Programming for Radio One. “We are grateful to our partners for truly supporting this campaign.”

“In these difficult times as people are struggling throughout the country, a good meal and support for local small businesses at the same time is much needed,” added Colby Tyner, Vice President of Programming for Radio One.

Radio One has been the leading voice to inspire, inform and entertain Black America for 40 years.  As the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on communities of color became clear, Radio One created a strategy to help meet the needs and remains committed to continuing to support the community during these challenging times. The We Are One: Feeding the Community Campaign will not only ease some of the hardships that families are facing, but it will also help to support the hard-hit restaurant industry, while providing quality food to the community. Radio One continues to be committed to its social responsibility during these challenging times.


“It is your duty, not to burn your own house down for anger with an enemy. It is your duty to fortify your own house, so that you may be a house of refuge in times of organization. And now is the time to plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize.” –Killer Mike

Killer Mike on the George Floyd Murder and Protest. Is Killer Mike today’s Black Leader?



Did you vote for Barack Obama because he was black or because he had a black agenda? #DropsMic
I read an article that stated Ice Cube, Diddy and Charlemagne are joining forces to “Hold the Black Vote Hostage!”  If true, I must add my two cents.
Bless their hearts they are trying to use their power for good. That’s a great thing and as a fellow broadcaster, I understand what Charlemagne the God is doing. It’s his job to push the envelope. However, this is not the time for them push THIS particular narrative. The timing is all wrong! The fact that the three of them represent blue states and Diddy also lives in Florida, which makes this premise even worse! I shall elaborate!
Did they vote for Barack Obama because he was black or because he had a Black Agenda? #DropsMic
People tend to have selective memory, let’s go back! For one, did they push Obama to have a black agenda?  Probably not! Did they hold President Obama accountable for his agenda after he was elected? Probably not! When President Obama was fighting Republicans, The Tea Party, and trying to save the economy basically by himself in 2009 and 2010, did they have is back and come together to really motivate people to vote during the “midterm elections” in 2010? No!  Black folks left Obama and Biden high and dry. So, when blacks had the chance to show their continued support in 2010, they failed, and Obama lost his power. “The Black Agenda” is not supported by the people in midterm elections because Black people don’t vote during the midterms. #Boom (With the exception of 2018.)
Please allow me to refresh your memory! When the Affordable Care Act was passed who was there supporting, assisting, and got on a hot mic saying to the President, “this is a big f#$&in deal? Joe Biden! If you asked me, I would say, Health care is part of the black agenda!
Did they, in any way convince President Obama to change his mind on the Equal Rights? No! Now as delicate as a subject this may be, it was Joe Biden who directly supported the LGBT community’s fight for marriage equality and Joe helped Obama evolve. This is an issue that could be considered part of the black agenda.
Did they help in Michigan? No!! A middle class, a blue-collar state where Joe Biden has strong ties, was drowning in 2009 and together Obama and Biden helped save the U.S. auto industry? #FACTS
Let me drop another gem! Did they go talk Mitch McConnell when he said he was going to do everything to make Obama a one-term president? No! But Joe Biden did!
My point is Biden did not just ride President Obama’s coattails. He backed Obama and kicked banks out of the Federal Student Loan Program and Expanded Pell Grant Funding.
I would say that helps the Black Agenda.
Now, just recently, Biden has already stated that his plan for Black America would advance the economic mobility of Blacks and close the racial wealth and income gaps. But if you don’t read, you wouldn’t know.
Thus, I understand the power of Social Media and an individual’s value, and relevance can be tied to a mission for good. I totally understand what they are trying to do, and I totally understand how they probably supported the presidential campaign financially. That’s all good. But I totally disagree with the methodology by threatening to withhold anyone’s vote! What gives them that right?  Even the phrase “Holding the Black Vote Hostage” is insulting coming from Black men whose ancestors were shackled and in chains! To add, Martin Luther King jr. said, “Let My People Vote!” To make it even more unsettling, Diddy, coined the phrase “Vote or Die!” But now, he is matured and started a movement of threatening to suppress the vote or else?  Or else what? Four more years of Trump? Hell to the No!! We have to come together to defeat his base.
The same way you are trying to push Joe Biden now, you can do the same AFTER he wins! Then set fire to their ass with what you want. But most of them will just go back to what they normally do. Except for Charlemagne, he is just doing his job and does it extremely well. Nevertheless, do you think you have leverage now? No! There is no leverage when it only took 77, 000 votes between 3 states for 45 to win 2016!
Get fully behind the Democrats Party!
The Democrats should win back the Senate, maintain the House, and have full control. That’s the appropriate time to hold Biden accountable because he doesn’t have the power now. In fact, after he wins, the Dems will want to maintain complete power in 2022 for the midterms. So, if we are smart, that’s when “We the People” have all the leverage. By the Midterms, we would have given Biden two years to address the black agenda, and if he hasn’t, all the power could be lost. But Biden has to win first.
This holding the vote hostage rhetoric doesn’t inspire the weak-minded to get involved, it causes division when need to be united against Trump!
Nevertheless, I am a man who cannot be controlled. They are not holding MY vote hostage! PERIOD!!
Vote Blue Down Ballot!
Thoughts by Lorenzo “Ice T” Thomas


Experimental is an understatement to describe San Francisco based rapper 3rd World Witch. His latest project is 100% Exotica, a 14 song album with a feature on each song. “I chose to do this album with features because my sound varies and I’m inspired by all types of music. Everyone I worked with is a close friend who I support and listen to their music on the regular. I like to show versatility and different approaches when doing songs with different people, it makes me get more creative and fresh.”

3rd World Witch, 26, born Divine Foots drew his name from a poem his father wrote about rituals. “It stuck with me because it stood out and was so unique I knew no one else would have it. [at the time] I was heavily influenced by witch house music and [added] more reason to stick with it for the long run. Witch House is a dark occult based sub genre of house and techno. However, he has many hip-hop influences as well such as Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, and Lil B just to name a few.

100% Exotica drops you into a world of creativity, lust, and ambitiousness. Many of the songs have a lo-fi underground authenticates to them while still keeping true to their west coast roots. The various artist whom feature become a colorful cast of characters, although at times sounding anonymous. 3rd World Witch may not be lyrically gifted, but the style and charisma he displays on 100% Exotica is unmatched. Expect a melodic tunes to flex to, perfect for a blunted cruise down the freeway.

P A L M Picks: Smut Baby (Feat. Dee Dot Jones and Chocolate Cocaine), Diamond Clarity (Feat. Lil Randy), Saturated Dreams (Feat. Blvc Svnd).



The Big DMDeeDee Renee formally of Kiss FM Richmond, Doug Banks Show, has decided to exit WWDM – Columbia. “I had a great 8 years with 101 3 The Big DM but now it’s time to move on to the next. I will miss talking to my DM listeners on the phone but, we will talk again,” comments DeeDee. “I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that Alpha Media has given me. As I move on I will always Love all of you and there is nothing you can do about it!”


Tony T

The Urban Buzz sends heartfelt condolences to all who have lost love ones to the terrible Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

Closer to home, we are heartbroken at the loss of our dear friend, colleague and brother Rick Nuhn, on the passing of his brother Tony Trujillo who died from the coronavirus on Friday, May 22nd.

Rick and I have been friends for more than 35 years and during that time our families have grown very close. Losing Tony is devastating. He was a gentle, sweet man who always met me with a hug and a smile. Tony will truly be missed. We have lost our brother. Love and blessings to Rick, mother Rosa and daughter Daryl. May our little brother Tony Rest in Peace!

Rick & Kevin

Rick & Kevin at KGFJ-Los Angeles circa 1986


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