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By Miles Jaye

When Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, immigrated from Bavaria, (Germany), to the United States in 1881, he was 16 years old. Only days after his arrival in New York City, he was hired by a local barber, he had apprenticed in a shop in his homeland.

In 1891, Trump moved to the Seattle area in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest. He bought a restaurant with a few hundred dollars of savings and named it the Dairy Restaurant, then expanded the business to provide food, liquor and rooms to his clientele of hustlers and prostitutes in the local Red-Light district.

In 1894 Grandpa Trump decided to leave Seattle but before leaving town he made his first land purchase of 40 acres with what was then his life savings– $200. This was the Trump Dynasty’s introduction to the world of real estate. Interestingly, the land was already deeded to a man named Rudebeck– that didn’t stop Trump!

Trump moved to a mining-town, this was the gold-rush era, so he knew prospectors would need food and lodging. The new location was so remote that horses would literally die in route to the outpost. There was an actual strip of road called “Dead Horse Trail”. When Grandpa opened his new restaurant, hotel, and brothel, he served horse-meat to the settlers. Ironic that Donald would brand steaks under the family name– Trump Steaks.

High-stakes means high-risk– the chance of winning big versus the risk of losing big. That’s why gambling is referred to as games of chance. High-stakes gambling is high-stakes investments; it can be a high-stakes move for love, career, or some other major life decision… simply put, putting it all on the line.

Donald Trump is a high-stakes gambler– win big or lose big, either way, boasting a win. That’s how high-stakes gamblers play. To them, the game is never over. There’s always another hand, another roll, or another spin.

High-stakes gamblers may gamble on absolutely anything– pro sports, college sports, high school sports, or which of several pigeons will take off first from the ledge of a building.

Donald Trump gambled on Trump University, Trump Casinos, Trump Neck-Ties, Trump Wine and Trump Steaks, many of which landed him in court, sued for any number of improprieties or broken laws.

To high-stakes gamblers or “High-Rollers,” laws are just rules and rules are for chumps. InJohn Wick 2,” underworld sage, Winston, says “Rules… without them we live with the animals.” High-stakes gamblers take on animal-like characteristics, as they “go in for the kill”. The carnivorous blood-lust they appear to experience when they go in for the big take-down is the rush that puts the “high” in high-stakes.

When you understand the high-stakes gambler, you understand Trump, a man so many intellectuals seem to have difficulty understanding. A high-stakes man will look for any advantage, any weakness, any tell. It’s no more complicated than a matter of advantage or odds– tall grass, camouflage, stealth.“The Art of the Deal” could be more aptly named, “The Art of War.” Sun Tzu said in “The Art of War” “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”  In other words, “bluff”!!

The President has been called virtually every possible variety of liar, not the least of which is pathological. Journalist/Commentator, Fareed Zakaria called Donald Trump a “B.S. Artist.” The point is, to a big game hunter, it’s all the same, they’re all the same. To him it’s gamesmanship, the art of war.

When a high-stakes gambler goes “all-in”, he or she will justify any play that renders them a win. A bluff is a test of an opponents will, and they know not everyone has the stomach for it– Trump depends on it. Win big, or lose big, but remember, they never lose because the game is never over.

Donald Trump inherited a real estate empire from his father, Fred, who inherited a highly successful New York real estate development firm from his father Friedrich, but Donald, through an insatiable appetite for the big-win took the Trump brand global. Bankruptcy after bankruptcy, law suit after law suit, Trump continued to up the ante and raise the stakes.

Upping the ante to a point where the gambler goes “bust” or loses his or her stake yet wants to continue gambling believing their luck will change, is the classic profile of the compulsive gambler. A compulsive gambler or one suffering from a gambling disorder or addiction will hock everything they own for one more bet. The compulsive gambler cannot just walk away. They don’t know when to hold ‘em or know when to fold ‘em. They don’t know when to walk away and they don’t know when to run.

Trump is gambling the house now, he’s all-in, the highest stakes of his life—the U.S., the world. The problem is, it’s our house, with all that we know, own and love, and we’re all watching… the world is watching, as if in slow-motion, as he loses it all!


Miles Jaye


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Capitol-Music-Group-LogoVeteran industry executive and entrepreneur Amber Grimes has been named to the newly-created position of Senior Vice President of Global Creative for Capitol Music Group (CMG), it was announced today by Chairman & CEO Steve Barnett, to whom Grimes will report. In her new position, Grimes “will be integrally involved in formulating and executing the company’s global streaming strategy. She also draw upon her diverse experiences to lead the company’s Innovation Team and Ten3 content creation department, and will play an important role in building and expanding CMG’s industry-leading roles in these areas.” Grimes will be based at the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood.

Grimes comes to CMG from Spotify, where she initially served as Atlanta-based Sr. Manager of Urban Independent in 2017 and later transitioned to Spotify’s Artist & Label Marketing team. Barnett said, “Many of us at CMG have had the pleasure to work closely with Amber in her role at Spotify, and her incredible well of innovative ideas and brilliant execution made a great impression on us and convinced me that we needed her to join the CMG team. Her skills as an executive and an entrepreneur will be of great benefit to our artists as she leads our Innovation and content creation teams to new levels of excellence and plays a key role in our global streaming strategy. Amber is a great addition to the CMG family, and everyone here joins me in welcoming her to the Tower.”

Grimes said, “Capitol is at the forefront of developing truly exciting new talent, and they do so by supporting their artists’ vision and never being afraid to push boundaries. I’m honored to be expanding my relationship to work more directly with this incredible roster of artists, as well as CMG’s incredible labels and teams, and I thank Steve Barnett and Lucian Grainge for creating this unique and forward-thinking role for me. I’m thrilled to be bringing my streaming experience, passion for artists and disruptive mindset into the Tower.”


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Christmas came early for a bunch of lucky Walmart customers … because Tyler Perry just picked up their tabs.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … the famous actor and filmmaker wrote a couple big checks to 2 Atlanta area Walmart’s Thursday, to cover the cost of outstanding layaway items that were registered at the stores as of this morning.

We’re told Perry dropped $178k at one store in ATL and another $256k at a nearby store in Douglasville.

All the customers have to do to collect their outstanding items is pay a penny at pickup … as Tyler just explained in a video about the awesome gesture.

I was trying to do this anonymously but oh well!!! pic.twitter.com/T0dhRHyU66

— Tyler Perry (@tylerperry) December 6, 2018


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Kevin Hart said Thursday night that he’s stepping down from hosting the 2019 Oscars — just two days after getting the gig — in the wake of criticism over a series of homophobic tweets he posted years ago.

“I have made the choice to step down from hosting this year’s Oscar’s….this is because I do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing talented artists,” Hart wrote in a statement on Twitter.

The announcement he would be quitting the show came just minutes after he posted a message on Instagram saying Motion Picture Academy officials had asked him to apologize or they would find another host — and he refused to apologize. Read more from Page Six.


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superadio logoSuperadio Networks presents Chubb Rock Afternoons with SiMan Baby. The four-hour PM drive program will air live via XDS Monday-Friday 3-7p (ET).

Superadio Networks President Eric Faison said, “This is just a natural next step for Chubb and SI. Syndication will expose the entire country to the chemistry that made these two the #1 Adult Urban show in Atlanta.  There’s nobody that does celebrity encounters like Chubb and SI.”

Chubb Rock added, “Once again the powers that be have granted me the incredible honor to get back on stage. This adventure with Superadio and SiMan makes me feel that finally I’m The Headliner!”

For affiliation information contact eric@superadio.com.


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Robert kool Bell

Music Legend Robert “Kool” Bell

Robert “Kool” Bell is one of the founding members of the legendary Pop/R&B group Kool & the Gang. 7-time Grammy award-winners, American Music Award, Multi-platinum-selling, and the most sampled band of all time, Kool & the Gang has sold over 80 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of generations with 25 Top Ten R&B hits, 9 Top Ten Pop hits, and 31 gold and platinum albums.

Robert “Kool” Bell, a US ambassador of music and the arts to many countries, including being a music ambassador of tourism to the Ivory Coast of Africa, is also a successful entrepreneur involved with a number of ventures and developments around the world.

Based on his world renown and humanitarian interest, in January 2015 REACH (Renewable Energy Applications to Conserve Humanity) appointed Kool as its Global Ambassador for Sustainable Energy. REACH is a center within the Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, which works to make clean energy available globally.

Kool is now combining his celebrity with his 50 years of international business experience to create Just Kool Enterprise.

Just Kool Logo


London Gate Artist management Company, founded by Robert “Kool” Bell, Sakinah Bell, and Cosa Ross was created to navigate the careers of new artists through the many challenges in the music industry.
Kool’s international musical knowledge and connections along with Cosa’s ability to find extraordinary talent and the leadership skills of music industry vet Tony Johnson is a winning combination. Collectively, London Gate Management has the strategic alliances throughout the industry to manage, write, produce, market and distribute incredible music Worldwide.


The Collaborative Marketing Agency, the wave of the future in multi-platform marketing collaboration. Combining radio, print media, and digital marketing, we promote brand awareness along with product and services. We create a multi-level conversational loop, that is engaging and complimentary to prospective customers’ lifestyles.

The future is Multi-Channel, Multi-Platform, Digital Marketing Collaboration.

Le Kool Champagne

Le Kool Champaign

Through his cultivated organizational leadership skills, Kool has honed-in on his ability to build international teams that execute his ability to recognize up and coming trends throughout the world, starting with the Thanksgiving launch in Reims France of Le Kool Champagne Grand Cru.
Le Kool Champagne, produced by Paul Berthelot, is receiving rave reviews throughout France and Japan and will soon be imported to the United States, Africa and the rest of the world.

Just Kool Cologne

Kool Cologne
Just Kool Cologne; is invigorating to everyone who has had the pleasure of inhaling its aroma. The anticipated valentine day launch will have men smelling fresh and Kool around the world!

Durisan Hand Sanitizer

Durisan Hand Sanitzing

Protecting from harmful bacteria is a challenge for every Day health Care. Durisan’s alcohol-free and moisturizing and conditioning hand sanitizer & wipes can be used safely on infants, toddlers and adults providing effective protection against 99.9% of illness causing germs for up to 24 hours compared to alcohol-based sanitizers which last only 15 seconds. Our non-toxic, triclosan-free antimicrobial soap meets new FDA consumer soap guidelines while providing active protection for up to 24 hours.

robert-kool_kool-and-the-gang (2)

Lady Kool Enterprises

In Memory of Sakinah Bell, a number of businesses are under development including Fashions By Sakinah, Ladies Night Cosmetics, Dream Starz, Kool Kids Foundation and more. Lady Kool’s legacy will live on through her spirit.

Kevin, Kool and Eddie

Eddie Sims, Kool, Kevin Fleming, Circa 2017 Hollywood Bowl

Management Contact | FM Management 201.349.6370
Press/Intvs/Media Contact | Doublexxposure Media 201.224.6570
PR/Media Contact

Angelo A. Ellerbee
Double XXposure Media Relations

(201) 224-6570


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superadio logoSuperadio Networks, LLC & CTC Productions, LLC have announced an affiliation and sales partnership agreement to syndicate Explicitly Old School with T-Boz, a daily radio show hosted by Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins from the legendary super group TLC.

The one hour daily show designed to air on Rhythmic, Urban, Urban AC and Throwback stations, features the biggest records and hits from the golden eras of Hip Hop and R&B spotlighting artists like Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, P Diddy, and more.

Superadio Networks President Eric Faison said, “Adding a worldwide icon like T-Boz to the roster of stars on Superadio is like Kevin Durant joining the Warriors! The buzz around here is off the charts. T-Boz is a natural radio talent and can tell a back story like nobody else…stations are going to love her!”

Keith “Envius” Elliot, CEO CTC Productions LLC added, “I am on cloud nine about re-launching the Explicitly Old School brand with a mega star like T-Boz, and doing it with my family at Superadio is the icing on the cake! “EOS” will light your station on fire!”

T-Boz, commenting on the re-launch of Explicitly Old School said, “I am super excited about this show, we are gonna kill it!”

For affiliation information on Explicitly Old School w/T-Boz, call Superadio at 212 609-1168 or 212 273-5185.


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